Gold Care

Gold articles and especially gold jewellery can often lose its lustre from the accumulation of dirt, sweat and grease. Below is our range of products specifically designed for cleaning gold and bringing back its beautiful shine.
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Gold, Platinum and Gem Reviver Gift Set
Ideal Gift! Everything you need to clean Gold, White Gold & Platinum
Gold Polish
Eco-friendly & fast acting, simply rub on and wipe off!
Nushine Instant Gold (Plug & Plate System)
Cyanide-free, quick and easy, gold plating kit
White Gold Polish
Eco-friendly product, simply rub on wipe off!
Jewellery Care Kit
All you need to clean and store jewellery!
Magic Jewellery Cleaning Plate
Fantastic on silver, clean multiple items at once and re-useable!
Gold, White Gold and Platinum Cleaning Cloth
Contains specifically designed impregnation
Jewellery Storage Bag
Contains agent to reduce future tarnish
Gold Cleaning Mitt
Special impregnation to clean gold
Nushine Instant Gold Pens set of 3 (varying shapes)
Applicators for Instant Gold Solutions and Kits
Nushine Instant Gold Solution (use with Plug & Plate System)
Gold Plating Solution, use with Plug & Plate System