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Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver
Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver
Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver
Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver
Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver
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Product Description

Magically transform articles and add value! Instantly plate a layer of pure silver onto heavily worn silver articles.

This advanced, unique product is more than just a silver polish. It not only cleans tarnish from your old, tired and worn silver and silver-plated articles; it instantaneously replates a layer of pure silver onto heavily worn silver, brass, copper and bronze - permanently!

  • Contains Pure Silver
  • Permanent results - no chips or flakes
  • Includes an anti-tarnish agent
  • Easy to use, no electrolysis required
  • Leaves a brilliant shine
  • Water based, biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphates, nitrates and solvent free

To demonstrate, please see the photos above which illustrate a partially plated brass plate and penny coin after a quick rub with the Silver Plating Solution.


Professional's Choice

Top choice among professionals; it’s well established in the UK, Europe and globally for over 25 years. The solution is popular for rejuvenating antique silver, converting items to silver plate for visual, musical or electrical benefits and many more.


  1. Please wear gloves and cover surfaces - pure silver turns black on contact with skin/surfaces, this is NOT harmful if it does happen, it just looks unsightly!
  2. Shake the bottle before use
  3. Apply with a clean soft cloth to the area to be cleaned or plated and rub firmly for 15 to 20 seconds
  4. Polish gently with a clean, dry cloth for an immediate shine
  5. Repeat if necessary, then wash in water to finish
The solution only works on direct contact with Brass, Copper or Bronze. If you experience any issues, please test the solution on a copper coin FIRST to see how it should work. Some common considerations:-
  • The solution does not work on other metals e.g. Lead, Aluminium etc
  • The solution needs direct contact to work, please remove any lacquer first
  • Ensure you are rubbing the solution onto the metal e.g. with cotton wool.
  • If the solution does come into contact with your skin, the stain should disappear within a week



Customer Reviews

Silver Plating Solution - contains pure silver

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  • Re-plate silver on items where silver is HEAVILY worn away, where the base metal is brass, copper or bronze.
  • Contains pure silver and transfers a thin layer on application to the metal. The bond is permanent.